2019, acrylic on canvas
YOU TO, 256 x 200 cm x 70 cm
YOU, 232 x 200 cm x 70 cm

Komposition der Abwesenden
2019, acrylic on canvas, wood
310 x 330 x 40 cm

Achten Sie auf die Goldkante
2019, wooden construction with 8 mourning ribbons
212 x 220 x 210 cm

2019, acrylic on cigarette-box, acrylic on canvas, wooden stand
Harmoniestreben oder der Siegeszug der Freischwinger
2018, acrylic on canvas, pillows, straps
height: 350 cm

2017, video & sound installation (Loop)
chair, tripod, beamer, speaker
installation view Multi M, Kunst- und Kulturbunker, Schweinfurt, 2017

prompt – Fersia feat. Mutti, 2017 prompt – Fersia feat. Mutti, 2017
In this installation, I step into a dialogue with my mother. She is dependent on external help after a fall. The spelling of the alphabet is intended to improve her breathing and voice. The video projector is an image of my mother. The video on the chair is an effigy of my person. Only my mouth is visible and the voice of my mother is to be heared. I’m talking about what she is supposed to spell and she repeats these characters. Because the video is an uncut film, I speak the front and trailer with an inaudible voice. It‘s only possible to read my lips, but the beholder can deduce from my mother‘s voice what I say.
Die Schwieger | Der Schwieger
2016, video & sound installation (Loop)
beamer, tripods matress, pillow, duvet, speaker
installation view Multi M, Kunst- und Kulturbunker, Schweinfurt, 2017

Die Schwieger | Der Schwieger – 2016
Die Schwieger – 2016
In the sound and video installation „Die Schwieger. Der Schwieger.“ a very privat moment becomes a place of memory. A marriage bed. My mother- and father-in-law are lying in bed and they speak tlyrics for the poetry album. These lyrics are contemplative, funny and admonishing texts, beautiful sayings and wisdoms. Originally they are intended only for one person. I complete these texts with my voice and tell their story. I enable the listener to share my memories and experiences I made with them over the last years. What was originally private is now public and audible to everyone. The story of Ilse and Johann.
C30B. TOT.
2016, video projection in installed painting, acrylic on canvas, 8 parts,
300 x 195 cm,
sound, beamer, tripod, speaker
installation view

2016, video projection in installed painting, acrylic on canvas, 3 parts,
150 x 76 cm
sound, beamer, tripod, speaker
installation view

2016, video projection in video projection, sound
2 beamer, 2 tripods, speaker
installation view

Licht is a video & sound installation whose subject is light and which is also made from light. The video is produced with an Overheadprojector on which I put on foils. The video and the soundtrack are inspired by the science fiction film „Barbarella“ of the French director Roger Vadim from 1968. I developed the text of the soundtrack on the basis of Cologne phonetics.
Sound art, installation, print / 2016

The installation „Salon Venus“ presents itself in five sound stations. Each station consists of drying hood, stool and magazine stack. The drying hoods are equipped with blue tooth speakers. The room is filled with chaotic noise. But sitting under the drying hoods you can clearly listen to the sound pieces WHO ARE WE?, SCHLÜPFER, LICHT, DON’T CRY and TOT. The sound pieces are accompanied by editions of the magazine „Fasson“. Video stills serve building the plot points to the sound pieces. WHO ARE WE? asks the topical question concerning the meaning of life and DON’T CRY offers elementary hope. SCHLÜPFER, LICHT and TOT are merely word associations in cologne phonetic on those title giving terms.

The printed magazines in Salon Venus:
Fasson 02 | WHO ARE WE?
Fasson 03 | DON’T CRY
Fasson 05 | LICHT
Fasson 06 | TOT
Fasson 07 | SCHLÜPFER

Installation view, 13. Begehungen Chemnitz, TA LÄRM
Dip dye die DIY DJ
installation view Galerie 61, Bielefeld, 2016
painting, straps, wallpainting, speaker
collaboration with M. Weissköppel

Track: tot
Fersia feat. Michi aka Michael Weissköppel
2016, 8:28 min
She lost control – house of cards
installation view Galerie auf Zeit, Braunschweig, 2015
26 paintings, 90 x 120 cm, speaker, poster

Oh zerfrettelter Grunzwanzling
dein Harngedränge ist für mich
Wie Schnatterfleck auf Bienenstich.
Grupp, ich beschwöre dich
mein punzig Turteldrom.
Und drängel reifig mich mit krinklen Bindelwördeln
Denn sonst werd ich dich rändern in deine Gobberwarzen
Mit meinem Börgelkranze, wart‘s nur ab!

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,
Thy micturations are to me
As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.
Groop, I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes,
And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts
With my blurglecruncheon, see if I don‘t!

Prostetnik Vogon Jeltz - in: „The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy“ from Douglas Adams

Track: She lost control
Fersia feat. Mutti aka Elisabeth Fersen
2016, 5:34 min

house of cards
studio view, 2015
15 paintings, 90 x 120 cm

Go ask your mom
installation view, 2016
remotely operated vehicle, speaker

Track: Go
Fersia feat. Bero aka Jörg Schmitz
2016, 4:59 min
installation view, 2015
wooden construction, 238 x 83 cm
painting „Holzerei“, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 155 cm

Six Word Novels
installation view, 2015
painted cubes, speaker
„For sale: baby shoes, never worn“ Quote: Ernest Hemingway,
70 x 70 x 70 cm
„Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket“. Quote: William Shatner,
45 x 45 x 45 cm

Track: Hemingway
Fersia aka Manuela Fersen
2015, 4:02 min
Track: Shatner
Fersia aka Manuela Fersen
2015, 5:07 min
Hemingway and Shatner - two very different people. Two six-novel word cubes. Each cube is made of six paintings. On each painting is one word of their six-word novels. Inside the Six-Word-Novel-Cubes are sound systems. The music and the text for „Hemingway“ is inspired by a quote of Ernest Hemingway, his way of speaking and his work and for „Shatner“ by a quote of William Shatner, his main role as Captain James T. Kirk and the soundtrack of Star Trek.
wooden construction, cut-outs acrylic on canvas,
installation view at the river Else, 2013

Siebter Oktober
cut-outs acrylic on canvas, wooden construction
installation view Kunstverein Herford, 2010

Neue Heimat
installation view, 2009/10
cut-outs acrylic on canvas in polypropylene, hardboard

Das Entzücken der Frauen
acrylic on ironing boards, wallpaper cut-out
Installation view Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel, 2005

Installation view Kunstverein Herford, 2010

different sizes, acrylic on canvas, wooden construction,
installation view Kunstverein Bad Gandersheim, 2005

Das macht es schöner
cut outs, acrylic on canvas,
installation view, 2004

wooden construction, paintings, cut-outs, carpet, speaker
installation view, 2004

Siggis Welt
cut-outs, acrylic on canvas, wooden construction
installation view, 2002/3

Deutscher Wald
tree boles, poker work, 2001
installation view Kunstverein Herford, 2010