Mix for mental space, 2020
sound: Manuela Fersen
voice: Mutti aka Elisabeth Fersen
29:45 min
Am Montag geht‘s zurück, 2017
Fersia feat. Mutti
Sound: Fersia aka Manuela Fersen
Voice: Mutti aka Elisabeth Fersen
7:23 min
wooden oak stand, bluetooth speaker
Abbildung 1 - Sound-Installation
5 bluetooth speaker in drying hoods, installation, print
installation view TA Lärm, Begehungen No 13, Chemnitz
The installation „Salon Venus“ presents itself in five sound stations. Each station consists of drying hood, stool and magazine stack. The drying hoods are equipped with blue tooth speakers. The room is filled with chaotic noise. But sitting under the drying hoods you can clearly listen to the sound pieces WHO ARE WE?, SCHLÜPFER, LICHT, DON’T CRY and TOT. The sound pieces are accompanied by editions of the magazine „Fasson“. Video stills serve building the plot points to the sound pieces. WHO ARE WE? asks the topical question concerning the meaning of life and DON’T CRY offers elementary hope. SCHLÜPFER, LICHT and TOT are merely word associations in cologne phonetic on those title giving terms.
Abbildung 2 - Sound-Installation
Relaxa, 2017
installation, sound art, performance
bluetooth speaker sauna oven
installation view Institut Potemkin, Begehungen No 14, Chemnitz
Abbildung 3 - Sound-Installation